Status Update and Source Code Release

For the past few weeks, my site has been down due to my server’s hard drive crashing. Of course, this just had to happen at the worst possible time: moving in to college. I had no time to replace the hard drive, reinstall the LAMP stack, and reinstall WordPress. However, I realized how important and valuable a personal website is, especially when I’m beginning to go internship/job hunting. All my work is (and will be) on here, and this is important to potential employers who will need to know my experience.

So I finally buy a new hard drive and begin work to recover the site from my backups…which I then discover are corrupt! Everything was lost…but there was hope: Google Cache. A friendly person on IRC suggested going there to recover my site. I was able to recover my blog posts, website layout, and content. After installing everything, I re-created each post and page. Unfortunately I couldn’t recover any of the comments, but that wasn’t too important.

Tip 2: Google Cache is your friend 🙂
Tip 3: IRC is the best!

Anyway, I’ve finally moved out, started college, studying computer science! I’ve also got a TON of more free time, which I’ve mostly invested in doing more 3D development. Blog posts about these adventures are to come!

Meanwhile, as of August 22, 2013, the high score servers for JDoodle Jump and Snake finally went down. With that taken care of, I can confidently release the source for these games. Along with those two, I realized I never released the source for Master Mind, Minesweeper, and the Multiplayer Test. All are now public under the BSD 3-clause license:

All of these projects (except for Minesweeper) require my GameUtils library to be able to run.

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