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Roi AtallaI’m Roi Atalla, a Computer Science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in the heart of Atlanta. I am an aspiring software developer with a passion for technology and code. With an aptitude for math and solving problems, I push myself to learn more about pushing computers and devices to their limits.

I am mostly self-taught, beginning by teaching myself Java in my freshman year of high school. Since then, my knowledge and skills have grown exponentially from writing small command-line games to making networked 2D games for playing with friends to creating large complex 3D worlds! Game development was my initial focus but I have since found interests in web development, system development, and open source libraries.

More about me and my programming experience!

My other hobbies are biking and playing the piano. I am very passionate about the piano and have won numerous awards in local and state-level competitions.

My Résumé.

You can contact me at roi (at) roiatalla.com

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