Ludum Dare 30!

Ludum Dare 30 is here and I’m hard at work brainstorming and programming a rough idea for the theme: Connected Worlds.

So far, I’m thinking in the direction of a 4X game in space where you try to conquer and connect all the worlds back to your mother planet to harvest their resources. With my trusty artist razorquick, we’re hoping to make good progress over the remaining 55 hours in the Jam (as we’re working as a group; 48-hour compo is only solo). I can’t draw to save my life so I’m glad to have some help.

Monday of this week I started my first day at Georgia Tech. It is such a large campus! I got lost a few times and was going around in circles; I ended up having to use my GPS sometimes! I tested out of a very easy Java class (scored a 97… missed a silly question) and am now taking 6 courses (1 of which has a 3-hour lab) to total 16 credit hours.

  • CS 2340: Objects and Designs (3 credits) – working in teams to create a game using JavaFX
  • CS 2110: Computer Organization and Programming (4 credits) – low-level into circuits, the CPU, and programming in assembly and C! This might become my favorite course so far.
  • CS 1801: “Special Topics” (1 credit) – apparently it’s for new and transfer students at the College of Computing, talking mostly about the computing job market, helping with resumes, help with career fairs, etc…
  • MATH 1522: Linear Algebra (2 credits) – I’ve been looking forward to Linear Algebra for a few years now. This will be a lot of fun!
  • APPH 1040: Health (2 credits) – silly required health course… I’ll try not to fall asleep.
  • EAS 2600: Earth Processes (4 credits) – I’m required to take a third lab course, so I chose this one as earth processes, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, etc… do really interest me.