Graduation, Free Time, and Keto

After 4 long and arduous years of slaving away at the mercy of punitive teachers, I have finally graduated from high school. My finals took place last week and the week before: 5 lengthy and difficult AP exams, blegh! Fortunately, all that is now in the past and I am now officially a college freshman! I will be attending Georgia State University, studying Computer Science. I am also planning to transfer to Georgia Tech after a year or two so hopefully that pans out.

However for now, I will not be thinking about any more school work. Three months of free time await me (except for a short little vacation to Rome at the end of June) and I plan to use it to sleep, work, and code. I will be working feverishly to finish porting the C++ code from the excellent Arcsynthesis OpenGL tutorials to Java+LWJGL. For more information about that, check out the Github repo!

I have also undergone a whole lifestyle change about 6 weeks ago. After living too long with my overweight status, I grew tired and sick of myself and decided to finally do something about it. I began this new diet called the Ketogenic Diet. This is a High Fat/Moderate Protein/Low Carb diet where, although I still maintain a caloric deficit, 70-90% of the calories I eat per day should be from fat with a strict limit of 20 grams of net carbs, which is calculated by getting total carbs minus fiber because fiber isn’t ingested. Carbs include wheat, flour, starches or sugar resulting in no bread, rice, pasta, starchy roots like potatoes, fruits, and sweets. Since blood sugar decreases dramatically as a result of this, the levels of insulin also decrease. This triggers the liver to deplete its stores of glycogen (backup sugar basically) and then undergo ketosis. In ketosis, the body begins using fat as its main energy source and weight loss results. Accompanied with regular workouts at the gym, impressive weight loss can occur!

In this new diet, I have lost a whopping 7 kg = 15.5 lbs already! With the plenty of free time in my hands now, I will be going to the gym more regularly to work out and hopefully accelerating the downward curve. I have no goal weight for now as I really don’t know what my ideal weight should be due to the amount of muscles that I have but I will know when I reach it. I will not return to a normal diet with carbs after I’m done though. I will only increase the amount of carbs allowed, but I will still keep myself in ketosis for the foreseeable future.

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