Faction Wars – Ludum Dare 30 Entry

A little bit late thanks to schoolwork, but I completed my Ludum Dare Jam entry: Faction Wars! I entered the 72-hour Jam instead of the Compo as I had my awesome artist, razorquick, draw the planets and UI backgrounds.

I followed through on that 4X game idea, making it turn-based as inspired by the game that introduced me to the 4X genre: Moo4K. This game was a submission to the Java4K competition where you try to create a game under 4 kilobytes. I took the idea and added the ability to control the ships by sending them from planet to planet and (to fit the theme) create ‘connections’ between planets. These connections siphon resources (money) from planet to planet, making it easier to tax only a few planets, thus wasting less and less turns.

Unfortunately, my weak point is AI, and I had no time to improve on it, so you are left dealing with a weird unpredictable AI that may either do nothing or take over your planets without notice. I really liked the game idea though and might improve on it if I have time in the future.

For now, I’m doing a bit of Python and web development, but I will definitely be back to play around with OpenGL and post about some cool things I’ve done with it.