Stress, Work, and More Stress…

I just realized I haven’t created a blog post in a while. This is mostly due to the major increase in stress in the past 3 months. I finally found a job (albeit a crappy one at a fast food restaurant, but anything works!) and school is killing me. Also since I’m a senior in high school, I’m starting to apply to colleges. Hopefully I make it into my dream college of Georgia Tech. If not, I’ll just go to Georgia State and transfer over later. I have promised myself not to make the same mistakes I did as a freshman in high school when I become a freshman in college.

Fortunately, life hasn’t been all work and no fun. In the little free time I found, I have been working slowly on porting the Arcsynthesis tutorials, which are written in C++, to Java and LWJGL. As of this post, I have 10 out of 17 chapters fully ported and functional. Not only is this a learning experience for me, but hopefully this helps others who desperately want excellent OpenGL tutorials in Java rather than in C++ for a change.

Lastly, I am planning on participating in Ludum Dare 25 (December 14-17) with my awesome artist, razorquick.

UPDATE: I have decided that it would be unwise to enter the Ludum Dare competition with finals next week and tons of homework left to complete. Til Ludum Dare 26 then!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I have taken the liberty to use a new theme for my website. 🙂