End of JDoodle Jump

On July 24th, I got an email from GameHouse requesting that my JDoodle Jump game be taken down, since it infringes on their copyright of the Doodle Jump game for Android.

And now a bit about its history. It was actually conceived as a school project, where I was tasked with making any game. So I ended up making this since I loved Doodle Jump so much. Then, as word of mouth made the game more popular, I began expanding it and making it better and prettier.

Some stats:

  • Since November 7, 2010, when my website was first live, I have gotten 3.5 million page views to JDoodle Jump and 2.5 million unique visitors!
  • There have been more than 11 million scores submitted!
  • Since February 27, 2012, the first day I started counting the gameplay duration, the average duration was 7 minutes and the total play time was 60 hours!!

You guys have been awesome and supportive the entire time, thank you!

For now, I see this DMCA takedown as a blessing in disguise. It will actually motivate me even more to finish my game ideas and publish them here. For example, that Multiplayer Test game was only to test my networking abilities. I actually have plans to make a 3D multiplayer game with the same concept as this 2D one. Stay tuned! 😉

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to hang out, leave a comment! 🙂